Hamilton: I don’t want to win title through the courts

Lewis Hamilton has echoed the words of his team-mate Fernando Alonso by stating he doesn t want to win the 2007 world championship in the courts, and if he did, it would be a bit cruel to Kimi Raikkonen and would not be in the best interests of Formula 1.

Lewis Hamilton lost out to Kimi Raikkonen in the last race of the season when the Finnish driver won the race with Hamilton only managing seventh after an error on the first lap and an engine problem.

However, fourth, fifth and sixth placed men Rosberg, Kubica and Heidfeld face possible disqualification after fuel for their cars was found to be stored at too cool a temperature. On initial investigation, race stewards decided not to punish any of the trio, however McLaren have notified the FIA that they wish to appeal the decision.

I heard about it, but I don t know anything about it [the appeal],” Hamilton began. “I don t believe that I will be promoted up the order. I think everyone did a great job, and what can you really say to that? If they [BMW and Williams] are wrong, they are wrong. But I want to win on the track. You want to win the race and do it in style. Being promoted after some people have been thrown out is not the way I want to win it.

“I don t know, it would feel weird after Kimi did such a fantastic job in the last two races and won on Sunday – having it taken away would be a bit cruel and probably not good for the sport.”

 “It s tough on everybody but there s another year, I m only 22, and there are going to be plenty more opportunities for me to win the championship. I have no doubt that we can do that in the future.”

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