Glock will not be at Toyota in 2010

Singapore GP third-placed man Timo Glock has been told that his option for 2010 will not be taken up by the Toyota team.

Glock today announced that he was a free agent for the upcoming season, despite his heroics yesterday.

“Now I have to look around,” said the German. “I have several possibilities and I am very confident. Let’s see what happens this week.”

Glock’s future could well lie with one of the new teams, as he has repeatedly impressed this season. A lack of consistency and inability comfortably to outperform the serially mediocre Jarno Trulli are his main weaknesses, however.

Toyota’s refusal to announce their two current drivers are staying on could mean one of two things: one, as the strongest sign yet that they will leave the sport; or two, that they have finally decided to hire drivers that will bring them results.

Many commentators consider that the former is more likely, citing the Williams team’s search for a new engine next year.