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F1Project was launched in the early Spring of 2006 by developers Matteo Palumbo and Paolo Montagna of Roma Tre University. We interviewed Matteo to understand more about this unique and very popular F1 competition site.

Why is F1Project any different from other F1 competition sites?

“F1Project is a free browser game. You register and play for free, and it works on almost all platforms – including Firefox, Opera and Safari – all you need is an internet connection! The most important aspect is the continuous challenges amongst real users. When you sign in for the first time, you enter into a Championship for your own country, and you start to manage a Formula 1 team in all its various aspects. You compete against other real life managers, this is the thing which characterizes F1Project and differentiates us from similar sites. This is only enhanced through a simple and intuitive interface, with a wealth of options which are easy to use and manage.”

How popular is F1Project?

“It s really popular in Italy right now, but we re really opening it up internationally. We would like to have more international competitions and Championships in the future; subscriptions are already open for the majority of countries.”

Why should F1 fans try F1Project?

“F1Project offers fans an opportunity to completely manage a F1 Team for free – they’ve been ‘armchair experts’ during every real race weekend, and this offers them a chance to try their skills in a realistic simulation. Within the game they can discover talented drivers and offer them a professional contract, set up cars, build components with the help of engineers, buy components and drivers in a real market with other users, and also completely manage the financials of their Team.”

If one of our users wants to try the game, what should they do next?

“Head over to – We made F1Project with the user in mind, and as such it boasts a very simple interface so users can concentrate on managing their team. All you have to do is sign up, we’ll do the rest!

The game enables the complete management of the following:

  • drivers (contract and training – each driver having unique and particular skills and behavioural characteristics)
  • engineers (used in game to improve technologies)
  • staff (to provide general but fundamental tasks)
  • warehouse (where pieces are held and are assembled, they will create racing cars to compete with)
  • lab (unlimited yard of technologic jewels)
  • merchandising (through which it is possible to sell products in the team’s chain of shops and to decide more competitive prices for supporters)

As a Manager you will juggle the tasks of budgeting, investing, management and sponsorship. But F1Project is more about the race, and we enable the viewing of live times and written commentary of both Qualifying and the Race.”