Fisichella: ‘Disaster’ quotes were untrue

Giancarlo Fisichella and Renault have presented a united front in Barcelona after the publication of some quotes by Fisichella which he states are untrue.

The Italian newspaper the Gazzetta dello Sport reported that Fisichella had described his car as a ‘disaster’, something which he now completely denies.

“These very negative comments about the team never came from me,” Fisichella explained. “Of course, the situation is not easy at the moment but I would never show such a lack of respect to the people who are working day and night to get to the bottom of our problems. I am both disappointed and angry by these so-called quotes.

“I did not say that Renault is a disaster; I have always said that the car possesses much potential and we are working hard on it. It is not realistic to talk about podiums right now, but if we find our problems and solve them, then it is still possible, especially for the second half of the season.”