Ferrari fail to avoid rain at Mugello

Ferrari s testing of their new F60 has been hampered by more rain at their Mugello track in Italy. The team, who have been the subject of controversy in recent days over their visible exhaust pipes, were nevertheless able to complete 104 laps of the circuit, according to the official Formula One website.

Felipe Massa was at the wheel of the new car, having taken over from 2007 world champion Kimi Raikkonen. The team s move to Mugello was reportedly to avoid the poor weather forecast at the Portimao circuit in Portugal, where most of the other teams are testing. The weather improved yesterday at the Algarve track, meaning that the teams had the opportunity to test drier settings, but today inclement conditions have returned.

Ferrari were relatively uncompetitive in the wet last season, with an embarrassing show at Silverstone a particular episode. Their lack of performance was reportedly to do with the setting of their throttle map, which since the banning of traction control has become more important.

Meanwhile, other drivers were reported to be commenting on how many buttons and options they now have on the steering wheel, with the new regulations meaning driver control of front wing movement and KERS boost should the team decide to feature the system.

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