Ferrari concerned at failure

Ferrari are worried about the electrical failure which forced a retirement from Kimi Raikkonen after just 10 laps of the track, leaving the Finn languishing fourth in the championship.

“A shame that Kimi had a problem in the wiring to the alternator,” Luca Baldisserri explained. “There was no warning and now we have to see what caused it, robbing him of a probable podium finish. Once more, reliability is crucisl and we must leave nothing to chance to ensure that a technical problem does not rob us of a good result again.”

Team boss Jean Todt said he had a mixed weekend – joy at Felipe Massa’s win, and concern over Raikkonen’s technical problems.

“We know that one of the indispensable ingredients for winning the championship is reliability and twice now, it has been missing this season, today with Kimi’s car,” Todt said. “Therefore, despite three wins and four pole positions, we are back to a following role in both classifications.”

Raikkonen was, once again, left frustrated, and after retiring, left the track before the race was over. “Honestly, there’s little to say except that I’m very disappointed,” Raikkonen said. “I lost a place to Hamilton at the start but made the most of the fight between Felipe and Fernando to get back to third place.

“I was running at a good pace and could have had a good result but suddenly the car had an electrical problem and all I could do was come back to the garage. I have lose precious points but there are still thirteen races left to recover.”

Meanwhile Massa is happy with his performance this weekend however he too is conerned at his team-mates problems. “I think the job this weekend was fantastic,” he explained. “Unfortunately, Kimi had a problem as I am sure we had a very good car and it was possible to finish first and second. I think the job done in the factory and at track was very good – we just need to keep the job going.

“That we finished with just one car is a concern. We need to improve and make everything right so that we finish the race with both cars. The consistency of both cars is very important in the championship. We need to keep improving – if McLaren finish every race with both cars, that is very important.”