F1 figures react to UK riot scenes

As the F1 world slumbers in August, some of the sport’s figures have reacted in horror to the situation on the streets of the UK’s major cities.

Swarms of English youths this week have been violently rioting, vandalising and looting, triggering Pirelli boss Paul Hembery to call for a “tough” response.

“It’s overwhelming the level of anger and disgust from so many people irrespective of race, religion or class. Everyone wants tough action,” he said on Twitter.

Also angry is former McLaren driver Mark Blundell.

“Why – if these people are so tough and riot and thieve – do they cover their faces? It’s because they are cowards of the first order. Shame on them!” he said.

F1’s BBC anchor Jake Humphrey told his Twitter followers: “Keep your heads down, stay safe and remember it’s a minority. Most people are decent.”

F1 chief executive Bernie Ecclestone, meanwhile – an owner of the London football club Queens Park Rangers – is concerned the riots will affect the beginning of the Premier League season.

“It (postponing matches) would send a terrible message to the rest of the world,” he said.

“The Premier League is watched everywhere I travel. I always see Manchester United on the TV wherever I am. So it’s a very bad message for England, and we’re going to have the Olympics soon.”