Exit of tunnel is more dangerous with blown diffusers – Button

Jenson Button has said that the exit of the tunnel section at Monaco – where Sergio Perez today sustained a massive accident – is more dangerous this year with the cars’ blown diffusers.

Button, who had a very similar accident to that of Perez in 2003 at the same place, appeared to suggest that the car’s 2011 rear structure had a deleterious effect on stability emerging from the tunnel.

“It is when you first hit the brakes [that you feel it],” the McLaren man told the press after qualifying today.

“The rear goes very light for some reason, and it seems to be more of an issue this year because of the blown diffuser systems that a lot [of the cars] have. The rear goes very light and at that point you become a passenger, it pitches you into [the] right hand side and you lose braking ability as you lose two wheels.”

The 2009 champion nevertheless praised the organisers and marshals, as well as the FIA for the improvements in safety at that part of the street circuit.

“I think the cars have improved dramatically with safety since Karl Wendlinger’s accident and the barrier has been moved back since my accident,” he added.

“I am happy [FIA technical delegate] Charlie [Whiting] made the right call in taking speed humps out [of the run-off area next to the chicane] after Nico’s accident, because if [they were] there, it would have been even worse.”