Ecclestone to testify in F1 corruption trial

Bernie Ecclestone has been called to give evidence in the corruption scandal of former F1 banker Gerhard Gribkowsky.

Bloomberg and the German news magazine Focus said the F1 chief executive, under investigation for paying millions to Gribkowsky relating to the sale of the sport some years ago, will testify in the second week of the trial in November.

“I have been to Munich and was questioned so I suppose they want to ask (in court) me the questions that I answered then,” the Independent newspaper quotes the F1 chief executive as confirming.

The German business newspaper Handelsblatt, meanwhile, reports that Gribkowsky may have received from Ecclestone $70 or $80 million, not the widely reported $44 to $50 million.

The report cited a document from the Munich prosecutors. Neither Ecclestone’s nor Gribkowsky’s lawyers wanted to comment.