Ecclestone: Silverstone needs help

Bernie Ecclestone has said that the British Government needs to help out the BRDC to ensure the British Grand Prix’s future is secured.

Talking to the Daily Express, Ecclestone said, “The Government could and should do something to help ensure the BRDC does not lose the F1 event. We are supposed to be the home of motorsport and yet all the other countries around the world have managed to build circuits to be proud of when you see the on television. Britain has not and it’s not my fault.

“The Government is bringing the Olympics here because they say the Games will help generate a vast amount of money ultimately for the country. Perhaps they could loan some of that to Silverstone to be repaid when the new circuit is making a lot of money. Frankly, I am fed up talking about Silverstone. When I do a deal with other countries, we sign and it gets built.”

Silverstone has a contract to host a Formula 1 race until 2009 however contract renewal discussions are not expected to be easy. Ecclestone has already said that the track needs a major face-lift before a renewal will be considered.

The BRDC have drawn up plans for a major revamp of the track however approval has yet to be given. Ecclestone is cynical though. “I keep hearing about phase this and phase that, but I don’t see anything being built there yet!” he said. “I hope tey get their act together. If someone comes up with the agreement we want, there will be a British Grand Prix after 2009. I don’t care who comes up with that, but if we cannot strike a deal, there are a lot of other countries desperate to have a race.”

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