Ecclestone adamant budget cap will happen

Although the teams have bought themselves time to negotiate with the FIA by submitting a conditional entry for the 2010 world championship HERE], it looks unlikely that the FIA will back down over the proposed budget cap for 2010 following comments from Bernie Ecclestone.

“I am sure there will be a cap,” Ecclestone told the Times. “I think we are seeing the start of what is going to be a huge row – no, this is the beginning of something positive.”

However, Formula One’s chief executive refused to comment on the specific details of the cap, and it is still possible that the FIA and the teams could settle on a phased introduction of the cap before the value hits £40 million in 2011. That would give the teams some bargaining power to overturn the concept of capping, should the economy start to pick up in 2010.