Dyer reveals many 2012 job offers

Chris Dyer has admitted a return to F1 next year is possible.

The Australian, formerly the title-winning engineer for Michael Schumacher and Kimi Raikkonen, was ousted by Ferrari after the bungled race strategy that cost Fernando Alonso the championship in Abu Dhabi last year.

At Monza this weekend, he is making his first visit to the paddock since the ill-fated 2010 finale.

The big rumour ahead of the Italian grand prix is that Dyer could be snapped up by Mercedes, where his former Ferrari boss Ross Brawn is now team principal.

“I have many job offers,” Dyer confirmed to Brazilian journalist Livio Oricchio’s O Estado de S.Paulo column, “but I cannot go under contract until the end of the year.”

Ferrari’s former head of track engineering said F1 has not changed at all since 2010.

“It’s like Abu Dhabi was just last week,” Dyer, 42, smiled to the Spanish sports newspaper Marca.

He sounded only slightly bitter about the whole Ferrari affair.

“Look, we’re a team but ultimately I was responsible for the group of people who make the decisions, so in the end it was my responsibility.

“We’re not stupid, we don’t make decisions for fun. At the time we thought it (Alonso’s strategy) would give him the best chance to get the result we needed.

“We decided, we told Fernando and he made the stop. We are a group and no one was forced to do anything they didn’t want to do, we all thought it was right at the time.

“It was a bad experience but, in a sense, you have those experiences every week, every race, and looking at them again you would change them to make them better,” added Dyer.


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