Coughlan’s affidavit

As part of an agreement between Ferrari and Mike Coughlan, Coughlan has provided the team with his affidavit. However, Ferrari have made it clear that the affidavit does not necessarily spell the end of the legal proceedings against the McLaren designer and his wife.

London s high court was due to hear more about the Ferrari espionage case yesterday morning however Coughlan and Ferrari came to an agreement overnight and the case was cancelled. The agreement is said to be that if Coughlan provides Ferrari with an affidavit, Ferrari will drop their request from the court to transfer the information to the Italian investigators.

Ferrari made a statement late on Wednesday confirming that an agreement had been reached but legal proceedings may still go ahead in the future.

“In light of the hearing yesterday in the High Court in London relating to the case between Ferrari S.p.A and the Coughlans, Ferrari wishes to make clear the following:

“The legal teams on both sides had reached an agreement on two procedural points that were to be discussed in a further hearing this morning. Therefore, the hearing in which these procedural points were to be discussed has been cancelled.

“Mike Coughlan has today provided Ferrari with an affidavit relating to relevant facts and Ferrari has agreed not to forward the affidavit to the Italian criminal authorities. The agreement reached between the parties therefore concerns only the procedural aspects mentioned above.

“The case brought by Ferrari in England against the Coughlans therefore continues in terms of what is decided by the High Court in London.”