Button and Brawn still in deadlock over pay

Jenson ButtonNegotiations over current F1 World Champion Jenson Button are ongoing with the two parties said to currently still be in deadlock.

It is rumoured that Jenson Button was paid £3 million in 2009 and he is looking for a pay package around £6-£8 million for the 2010 season. The trouble over his pay demands have paved the way for rumours that the Brit may be leaving the team in favour of McLaren.

“We aren t asking for anything outrageous,” Button s manager Richard Goddard explained to British newspaper the Express.

“Just three months before Honda pulled out last November, Jenson signed a contract which would have given him a lot more money than we’re looking for now

“We recognise times have changed but he is the world champion now and the team have turned things around.”

It is understood that Brawn are unwilling to give Button such a significant pay rise, however they considering offering him a higher proportion of freedom with respect to personal sponsorship deals, which could allow the driver to raise his pay packet to meet his own expectations.

F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone believes that it is far more likely that Brawn and Button will come to an agreement than Button move to McLaren.

“It would not be an ideal for F1 to have two world champions in the same team,” Ecclestone explained.

“But Brawn and Button are probably just sparring at the moment and something will be worked out.”