Briatore insists Formula 1 is his priority

Despite having recently been involved in the takeover deal of British football club Queen s Park Rangers, Renault boss Flavio Briatore has said he remains fully committed to Formula 1.

Briatore is part of a consortium who are considering taking over the football club, at a time when Bernie Ecclestone is rumoured to be looking at buying part of London club Arsenal. Briatore s talks regarding the takeover are ongoing however he has stated that even if the deal is successful, no attention will be diverted away from his Formula 1 team.

“It is like any other business,” Briatore said. “I opened Cipriana in London but I am not in the kitchen cooking I have people managing it. It is possible to have different businesses and not be involved. My business is F1. Formula 1 is my priority 100%. Everything else we do in a professional way, but we are a group of friends. It is more fun. My focus is F1, especially next year because next year for us, we need to be competitive again. This year we are a bit on holiday and next year we need to get back to business.”

Briatore has denied that a deal with QPR is already done and dusted and he is surprised that his bid has attracted so much media interest. “We are talking,” he continued. “We are a bunch of friend together. I don t think it is such a big issue. There are a lot of people talking at this moment with QPR and we are talking like that. I know the guys involved and it is like that but it is nothing formally done. Absolutely nothing.”