Brawn: Teams must be allowed to test 2011 rubber

Ross Brawn believes that Formula One’s teams must be allowed to sample the tyre specifications for 2011 before the end of the year, despite the sport’s ban on in-season testing.

The Mercedes GP principals is adamant that a compromise can be found to test the new rubber without jeopardising the current regulations.

“There has got to be some testing with the new tyre supplier, whoever it is, so I think late summer and early winter there will be some tests organised with the new tyre supplier,” Brawn told Autosport.

“But again, we must try and accommodate that within the teams we have. We can’t afford to go out and start rebuilding test teams again.”

Brawn revealed that teams are hoping for next year’s batch of tyres will be similar to that of Bridgestone.

“The teams have together produced a technical specification of the tyre we want,” he said. “So there is a document that we have all contributed to which is a broad spec of the sort of tyre that we want which means there is a single directive to the new tyre supplier of the type of tyre that is needed.

“That means we can continue with the development of our cars. Our cars are being designed around the current tyres because we have no other information.

“So I think everybody wants a tyre to come in that has similar construction characteristics to the current tyre, whether the compounds are quite the same is another matter.”

Although a deal with Pirelli fell through at the Turkish Grand Prix, Peter Sauber is hopeful that the sport’s new tyre supplier will be announced next week in Canada.

“I hope we have a solution before Canada,” the Sauber team boss said.

“It is not an easy situation this tyre situation, but it is important we have a tyre supplier for the next season and I think it is important to have a sole supplier tyre.”