Boullier admits ‘plan B’ talks with Cosworth

Eric Boullier has confirmed reports that the Genii-owned formula one team, currently known as Renault, held recent talks with independent engine supplier Cosworth.

Seemingly confirming rumours that the Enstone based team will soon drop the Renault moniker in deference to main sponsor Group Lotus, the Frenchman told ITV that Cosworth power would be a “B plan”.

Currently, the team uses Renault engines, but it is Red Bull who are now considered the French carmaker’s works team.

Boss Boullier said the team is “very close” to inking a new engine supply deal with Renault Sport F1.

“You obviously always have to have a B plan and a C plan and, yes, we have been approached by Cosworth because they have lost customers and they are talking to everybody in the pitlane I guess, or nearly everybody,” he said.

“But there are no plans (to switch to Cosworth).”

Asked if Renault is very much the team’s A-plan, he insisted: “Of course. We have a historical package.

“We still have some very close technical relationship and there is (sponsor) Total mixed in the middle of this as well, so there is some commercial reason why we should stick with Renault,” added Boullier.


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