BMW clear the air but keep Heidfeld in suspense

BMW Sauber F1 Car 2007BMW Sauber drivers Nick Heidfeld and Robert Kubica have settled their differences after colliding with each other on the first lap of the European Grand Prix.

“We had a meeting today which was more about discussing how to avoid this in future than about clearing the air,” team boss Mario Theissen explained. “Obviously you clear the air at the same time, but the main issue was to come to an understanding about how to avoid this for the future.”

At the time, Polish driver Kubica was not happy with the incident, laying the blame firmly at the feet of his team-mate. “Someone who crashes into two cars within 20 laps won t last long in F1,” he allegedly remarked.

“He didn t tell me that,” Heidfeld responded to reporters. “I have seen a lot of things in the magazines which were not true, so as long as he doesn t tell me, I don t comment. We cleared the situation internally and that s as much as we are going to say about it. There is no tension. We get on very well but on the circuit, we fight against each other very hard. That is simply because he is a quick driver and from time to time, we see each other on the circuit.”

Although Heidfeld is doing well this season, Mario Theissen has said he will have to wait until after the summer before his future is secured. “We are in positive discussions but it s not sealed yet,” Theissen explained. “Don t expect anything during this weekend it will probably be after the summer break.”

With Sebastien Vettel having recently moved across to the Toro Rosso team, it is probable that BMW Sauber s 2008 line-up will remain the same.

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