Bank wants Ecclestone’s bribe millions back

Jailed Gerhard Gribkowsky may not have made headlines for some time, but the F1 corruption scandal is still making trouble for Bernie Ecclestone.

The Suddeutsche newspaper reports that German bank and former F1 shareholder BayernLB is looking into whether it can recover millions from the sport’s chief executive. The push for damages could follow Gribkowsky’s claim that Ecclestone only received millions in the form of a BayernLB commission as the direct result of bribery.

“We have requested access to the files,” a spokesman for the bank is quoted as saying, referring to the prosecution’s case.

Suddeutsche said the damages could amount to EUR 41 million. Briton Ecclestone’s lawyers have reportedly filed an application to block the request, leaving it to a Munich court to decide.