Alonso puts F1 meeting out of his mind

With some of his team in Paris attending a World Motor Sport Council meeting, Fernando Alonso is attempting to put all thoughts of the espionage saga out of his head to ensure he focuses on this weekend s Belgian Grand Prix.

“I m not thinking about anything outside here, the paddock,” Alonso explained. “I have a meeting with the engineer now, preparing the strategy for tomorrow, which tyre to use in P1, P2, and checking the forecast for the weekend, the setup any more than this, I am not ready to think.”

Team-mate Lewis Hamilton along with the McLaren team bosses are attending the meeting in Paris a meeting which could see the team being thrown out of the 2007 season if they are found to have gained from the leaked Ferrari information.

“My concentration is 100% on this paddock and on winning this race I am not thinking even two seconds about anything else,” Alonso reiterated. “I will not comment on what is happening today. I do not think about what can or cannot happen today in Paris. I am not in that matter.”

Many have questioned why Hamilton, along with test driver Pedro de la Rosa, are in Paris but the Spaniard is not. When questioned about this, Alonso replied “No comment.” His remark is in direct contrast to his rookie team-mate who made it clear when he arrived at the hearing this morning that he was attending the meeting because he was part of the team and wanted to support them.

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