Alonso: driving without traction control “not easy”

Fernando Alonso has admitted that the arrival of Standard Electronic Control Units and the ban on driver aids will make it difficult to negotiate corners without wheelspin.

The double world champion said that it will become “almost impossible” to prevent wheelspin as a result of the loss of traction control.

“It becomes almost impossible to stop it even if you back off the throttle,” the Spaniard told

“When you have wheelspin, the revs rise and you have more torque, which makes the wheels spin even more.

“To deliver a good lap time, it is essential to avoid wheelspin through all parts of the corner, and that is not easy.”

The Renault driver also expects his competitors to make radical changes to their racing style as a result of the regulation changes.

“You have to change your driving style quite dramatically,” he said.

“Last year we used to go straight to full throttle, but now we need to be gentler and feather the throttle.”

Another upshot of SECUs is the loss of engine breaking systems (EBS). Teams will no longer be able to transmit brief bursts of power (throttle blipping ) to the car to prevent the rear wheels locking up under braking.

This will put a greater emphasis on car setup according to Alonso.

“Without EBS you do suffer with locking of the rear tyres because stopping a car travelling at 300 km/h is not easy,” he said.

“You have to adapt the set-up of the car to compensate for the loss of all the systems.”

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