Alonso: Champions will be calmer in 2010 run-in

Fernando Alonso has tipped himself, Lewis Hamilton or Jenson Button for the 2010 title.

The Spaniard, speaking from Ferrari’s summer break camp in Madonna del Campiglio, said that he and the other two would necessarily be calmer in the final stages of the championship because there was less pressure.

“Maybe, Hamilton, Button and myself, who have already won a title, will tackle the final rush in a calmer way, having already experienced something similar. Percentage chance? I’d say 50 per cent, which is the normal state of affairs,” said the Ferrari man.

He acknowledged, though, that there was still a gap between himself and the leaders of the standings.

“It only took us two normal races to be fully back in contention for the title. It’s true we are still behind in the classification and it is always better to be in front, but I am convinced that in the final sprint, by which I mean the last two or three races, we will be closer to the top than we are now.

“The important thing is to remain calm and concentrated and to do our job well. It’s hard to say who is my strongest rival: we are all almost equal.”

Alonso went on to say that he believes the Ferrari team will be strong at Spa when the F1 circus returns to action at the end of August.

“The car is much improved and so that makes me more optimistic and has seen the whole team grow in confidence.

“In Spa, we will have a few more things and we hope they help us progress still more: the others will do the same, which means we will have to be better than them and quicker in terms of development work.”

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