3D could tempt Ecclestone to hand F1 to Sky

Pay television company Sky could replace Formula One’s own broadcaster, according to a report in the Times.

Journalist Kevin Eason said Barney Francis, the managing director of F1’s new British broadcaster Sky Sports, will be in the Austin paddock this weekend.

“He wants to introduce 3D to F1 and will have talks with Bernie Eccclestone”, Eason wrote. Eason also revealed that Sky’s ambitions for F1 “could go as far as providing the (entire) television coverage of F1 … taking over from Ecclestone’s television organisation”.

Francis said: “Would we take it on and do it? We would challenge ourselves to do any sports production. It is a hypothetical question and would need FOM to suggest they don’t want to do it any longer.”

Given the tantalising prospect of 3D for F1, Ecclestone might be tempted on the basis that – according to Eason – Ecclestone’s company “does not have the facilities”.

Francis added: “We would love to do it — 3D would look sensational for Formula One. “It will be on the agenda for the conversation we have at the end of the season with FOM,” he added.


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