Choosing between a Nikon D90 or a D3100

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Choosing between a Nikon D90 or a D3100

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I'm Montreal bound next June and I'm getting a camera to document my "first" GP.

I'm looking for opinions/feedback you can provide.

So I've spent the entire holidays researching and I've narrowed it down to two choices. A Nikon D90 used, but in very good condition or a new D3100. Pro's and cons to both the D3100 is new technology, higher ISO and faster processing higher megapixel and 1080p video with auto-focus, the D90 is bulletproof, semi-pro with a wider range of accessories (like an external battery pack) and much faster 4.5 FPS shooting. My last real camera was a Nikon FE and I've got a couple of fast lenses and I'm wondering if it's worth while even considering using those on a new DSLR body. They'll work on the D90 but not on the D3100.This will be strictly for photography, and video if any will be a distant secondary function.

I'm still deciding on the lenses but my first purchase will be a prime 85mm 1.8D and then closer to June depending on my cash situation, I'll look for a telephoto zoom lens.
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