Motorsport artwork.........your thoughts.

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Motorsport artwork.........your thoughts.


Hi guys, apologies if this is the wrong forum to post this but maybe you could take a minute to have alook at some of my recent paintings and maybe give your views and opinions on them, good or bad all feedback is very much appreciated.
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Re: Motorsport artwork.........your thoughts.

Postby What's Burning? »

Your painting seems to be better than your photography! Move all the crap out of the way so you can see and frame the paintings better for us to see.

That out of the way, you're using interesting angles and have a good level of detail of the technical bits of the car, plus you've got a good sense of dynamic motion captured in the paint technique. Can't get into more detailed critique without a better look but if you're an amateur then it's a good start and you certainly have aptitude for it.

What medium is it acrylic?

There's a good market for quality racing art that's not a lithograph or a print but an original piece.
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Re: Motorsport artwork.........your thoughts.

Postby Hanwombat »

very nice :)
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Re: Motorsport artwork.........your thoughts.

Postby DK-Y2Y »

Wow, just wow.

I remember the day I went to Grand Prix 2006 Bahrain. There were a lot of these artworks.
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Re: Motorsport artwork.........your thoughts.

Postby grkl27 »

WOW.. Nice pic is here..
I want see more..
Can you expose it???