Is it something in the Williams water?

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Is it something in the Williams water?

Postby madbrad »

2 ex williams drivers backbiting. Surprise surprise.
These are from F1Live:

David Coulthard might not have worked hard enough to reach the very top of the Formula One tree.
That is the suggestion of 1996 World Champion Damon Hill, who was Coulthard's team-mate at the Williams team 12 years ago.
Hill said Coulthard has always possessed the 'ability' to succeed.
"(But) sometimes you need to put a rocket up his backside," Hill told reporters at a promotional event for the British Grand Prix this week.
"I say to him sometimes, 'Come on, you've got to do it. You've got to pull something out'," Hill added.
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Jacques Villeneuve recently commented upon Giancarlo Fisichella’s performances over the last two years with Renault. During the same period, that is, during the 2005 and 2006 Championships, the Italian driver had two wins while his team-mate Fernando Alonso brought home fourteen.
Approached in Canada by Montreal radio FM 103.3, Villeneuve forwarded the following opinion concerning Fisichella: "He didn’t measure up to Alonso, that’s all. Too bad, next. That’s how it is, that’s life."
He then detailed his opinion on the requirements that come naturally with a F1 driver’s career: "When you’re at the top, because the top of motor racing is Formula One, you measure up or you don’t measure up. That’s life. It’s not a question of being mean or not mean, that’s how it is."
Villeneuve’s comments can be added to those of others who also wonder about the long-term collaboration between Renault and Fisichella.
Indeed, the italian will have to perform better than ever this year if he wishes to prolong his contract.
Regarding his own future prospects in motor racing, Villeneuve is still aiming for the American series. "We’re working on NASCAR for 2008, with preparation in 2007. You have to do minor series on different tracks to be accepted in NASCAR, whatever the series."
We point out that his old work colleague Juan Pablo Montoya achieved his first NASCAR win last Sunday in Mexico. That’s enough to encourage another “ex” Formula One driver to try his own luck also...
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darwin dali
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Postby darwin dali »

Yeah saw these too. Though I think both, JV and to a degree DH have a good point. Both, DC and GF are second tier drivers and need to work that much harder if they want to succeed. And both somehow didn't do it even though they had the opportunity.
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