2010 Regulations Question

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2010 Regulations Question

Postby koreshot »

Hello, everyone... new here! I have a question about front wings on F1 cars.

When watching F1 race broadcasts here in the US, the commentators kept mentioning that starting 2010 the front wings on the cars would become adjustable. First I am confused by this because looking at the 2009 FIA regulations, there is an article which allows driver adjustable front wings. Although, the allowance to adjust these wings was added in late March. Is that why only some of the cars (those with the budget?) had adjustable wings? Is there a list of teams that had adjustable wings in 2009?

The other thing I am trying to figure out is this statement:
Alteration of the incidence of these sections must be made simultaneously and may only be commanded
by direct driver input and controlled using the control electronics specified in Article 8.2. Except when the
car is in the pit lane, a maximum of two adjustments may be made within any single lap of a circuit.

So when it says "direct driver input" I assume that means that you can't have an electronic adjustment made automatically based on factors such as speed, g-load, steering angle and position on track? So only the driver can manually trigger an adjustment from the cockpit? How does the FIA keep tabs on how many times per lap the adjustment was made? How does one enforce the 2 adjustments per lap maximum?

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Re: 2010 Regulations Question

Postby bud »

they introduced adjustable front wings in 2009 and i would suspect they control the usage by the control ECU.
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Re: 2010 Regulations Question

Postby Jabberwocky »

I thought it was controlled by the driver, as they did not want it where the car has a glitch an changes the wing at a critical point (IE mid corner) It was supposed to be used for overtaking, but I believe it is actually being used to greater effect to trim the car when the fuel level changes.
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Re: 2010 Regulations Question

Postby Frosty »

Alteration of the incidence of these sections must be made simultaneously and may only be commanded

means all the movable parts need to move at once and in the same direction and by the same amount.
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