Formula One - F1's future?

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Formula One - F1's future?

Postby Stephen »

Well, where do you think the great sport is going to be in the next five years - just how slow are the cars going to become in the search for safety, and will F1 suffer with competition from other series. Will overtaking come back, will Schumacher ever retire?

Your thoughts please...
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Postby cityboy »

Not sure, I would hope that in five years the ungrooved tyres are back, along with the ability for teams to stretch their technical ability. I want to see these cars go faster, the technology and all those 'new bits' that Martin Brundle always gets excited over.
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Postby simac »

I agree, I think the FIA have to be very carefull about making changes. Over the past couple of years there have been too many, too soon.

They have placed too many restrictions on F1 in my opinion, especially by way of banning some precious metals for the engines and so on.

These new V8's are only just a smidge quicker than GP2 really. IMO there should be a larger gap between the two formula's

So far as MS retiring well, he once said that he would consider it when the young guys are faster then him. Last year as we all know Alonso and Kimi were in a different league so I think this is an important year for MS, he has to win. But personally, i'm not really fighting his corner LOL !
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Postby R00DIT »

Think 2006 will be the year to make or break F1, the Fia must listen to the fans as they are the people who the sport needs to impress. Technology has always been the real interest for me, i hope 2007 sees the return of more of it.