20 races per year and 2 in the US?

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20 races per year and 2 in the US?

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Sounds good to me :D

MM: There are two points here. In the existing arrangements with FOM we have a clause that FOM cannot propose a calendar which involves the cancellation of a traditional event without the consent of the FIA. So we have a safety net there. But I don’t doubt that when the manufacturers come to do their agreement they will ensure that part of their commercial interests in terms of the location of the races are taken into account. That will get resolved and as Burkhard said, America and Europe are the two biggest markets for them. So we would like to see another race in North America and probably not lose that many in Europe. The ultimate sacrifice may have to be made by the teams having 20 races. That is to be discussed.
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Yes 2 in the US of A is a good idea, also bring back Mexico plus Brazil and Canada and you have the Americas covered!