WANTED: F1 Cars for Sale?

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WANTED: F1 Cars for Sale?

Postby cityboy »

Do these ever come up for sale? and if so, is there a site?
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Postby British Bulldog »

Where do you live as autosport magazine often has f1 cars for sale in the ads section
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Postby Stephen »

Or you could look at http://www.classicdriver.com, this website has loads of F1 cars, including cars from other motorsport categories (like a Mac F1 GTR Le Mans).

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Postby Marco »

Nice!!! Wonder how much they go for?
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Postby simac »

If you have to ask you can't afford it LMAO !!
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Postby 7UpJordan »

Here's a good site, plenty of Benettons and Arrowses, if I can win at least £100K on the National Lottery I'm gonna by an F1 car and enter a racing event somewhere in the UK at some point.
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