Can anyone help - signed Juan Pablo Montoya jacket

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Can anyone help - signed Juan Pablo Montoya jacket

Postby lmynett »

I'm in the process of selling a signed Juan Pablo Montoya BMW Williams jacket. Somone has approached me to buy it and has asked how much I'd sell it for. I actually won it in a prize in 2003 so don't have an idea of it's value. It's not been worn. If anyone could help me on valuing it it would be greatly appreciated.
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Postby Flyer23 »

I'll give ya $20.00.......;)
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Postby certom »

try to sell it to the hardest Montoya or Williams supporters you can find. you can raise the value how much you like with that kinf of fans ;)


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Postby texasmr2 »

Let me help you out ok the next thing you to do is post pic's of the jacket, VERY IMPORTANT. Then include the history of the jacket, mainly when and where and how you came about the jacket and it's history. Do you have any authentication that it's JPM's signature? A simple word of advice :wink: , dont try to sell a F1 artifact or merchandise WITHOUT a document of some sort that varify's it's authenticity as F1 enthusiast are very strict and do not like knock-off's !

Good luck with the sale although you may have better luck on eBay :wink: .
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