Bernies potential son in law disappoints

Is Bernie right that Seb displayed a loser attitude in 2014?

No, Seb tried his hardest but Ricc is just better
Yes, Seb is still brilliant, its just that his mental strength let him down in 2014
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Hmmn, Bernie is playing tricks involving Seb, Alonso, Ferrari and RBR
Please provide better posts/polls, this is not good enough, I am disappointed with what is provided for me to think about nowadays
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Bernies potential son in law disappoints

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Sebastian Vettel would make a good son-in-law, according to F1 chief Bernie Ecclestone, a father of two daughters.

"He would be a good son-in-law," Ecclestone told Bild newspaper. "He's funny, normal, he has goals and does everything he can to attain them. I like him a lot.

If we look back to the recent Red Bull smash and grab of 4 years when it seemed Seb was baby Jesus and the perfect poster boy to rescue F1 from corruption and sleaze, with his plain Jane Gf and his 'almost British' humour, and hiis reluctance to tweet or cause headlines, instead preferring to go and hang out at the Pirelli factory helping them make better tyres. At that stage the biggest endorsement for the young Fangio/Von Trip/Ascari genetic blended experiment was Bernie proclaiming Seb was so perfect that Bernie wanted him as a son in law. (calm down at the back Tamara, Im not finished)
This all seemed to tie in with RBRs sudden brilliance with aero and flexing wings and removable cockpit handles that never seemed to get penalised, and a corresponding decline in Ferraris ability to change rules to allow then to win.

Interesting how Bernie now says Seb let the side down by adopting a loser attitude, almost like saying 'I took his toys away and he sulked' and at the same time taking a swipe at Alonso for staying at Ferrari too long and again adopting a mentality of 'not wanting to win'

So a simple poll, did Seb just become a loser this season or is he just not that good? Bernie says Sebs problem was a loser attitude thereby avoiding the implication that he was wrong about Seb - almost like saying he was disappointed Seb gave up on winning without Bernies help

Bernie Ecclestone admits he was disappointed by Sebastian Vettel's attitude this season, saying he "acted like a defeated guy".

After winning four consecutive Drivers' Championships with Red Bull, the 2014 campaign turned into one to forget for Vettel as he failed to win a race to become the first driver since Jacques Villeneuve in 1998 not to claim victory the season after securing a title.

Most of Red Bull's problems this year were blamed on the V6 turbo hybrid engines supplied by Renault, but his new team-mate Daniel Ricciardo still managed to claim three race victories.

F1 supremo Ecclestone has made no secret of the fact that he is a big Vettel fan, but he was left disappointed by the German.

Commenting in the official Formula 1 Season Review 2014, the 84-year-old said: "I'm a super supporter of Sebastian, but I'm a little bit disappointed with his attitude, which I think has changed.

"He's acting like a defeated guy, and he isn't - that's not his mentality.

"He's a competitive guy. He doesn't like losing at backgammon. Unfortunately, when he plays me, he does."

Fernando Alonso, who left Ferrari at the end of the season after another difficult campaign, is another one who has been criticised by Ecclestone.

"Ferrari was very disappointing, getting lost somewhere," the F1 boss added.

"Fernando got a little bit like Sebastian halfway through, so I'm a little disappointed in him, too."
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