Mental or not Mental

Is the defendants reference to the mental weakness of Mr Hamilton willful and actual?

Yes, the defendant has claimed Mr Hamilton has a mental issue
No, the defendant has been misunderstood and his explanation is not required because there is no such claim
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Mental or not Mental

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We all make mistakes, we all have misunderstandings, sometimes though these things we cannot resolve ourselves and then we turn to public opinion and a consensus to finish a dispute once and for all. No one likes to leave things hanging or unsaid or unresolved. We like to draw the line and move on all as friends again. We all understand how friendships can be hurt by ego and thats when introducing others into the conflict is a great social function
This poll is a microcosm of the widespread act of saying certain things about Hamilton that wouldnt be said about others and not retracting them when proven wrong. It therefores applies not to the defendant specifically but to the general public media who have made the same unretracted generalisations. As such this poll is only for this race weekend and will be deleted afterwards (please mods)

Defendant wrote:I think it's a bit more complicated than that. Which is where my points about mental weakness and being a bit ragged come from. .

Defendant wrote:Careful, you'll take someone's eye out with all that rhetoric. There's a difference between saying he's weak and has a weakness.

Defendant wrote: There seems to be a point up to which you agree with me but refuse to put it down to a mental thing. So, what causes Hamilton to do this.

Defendant wrote:
David Coulthard wrote:"The mental strength from Lewis to come back and take the win was unbelievable. In the end two mistakes from Nico have cost him. He put on a brave face but when he goes home and reflects on this he will know he has been well beaten."

I never said it was a weakness. I went at great lengths to explain that, and you went to equal lengths ignoring it.

Defendant wrote:Now find where I said Nico was stronger mentally.

Defendant wrote:It's gutting, I get that. But I realise Hamilton has a psychological weakeness that Nico's exploiting by proxy, and it's pointless denying it.
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Re: Mental or not Mental

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we don't really need this do we?
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