Who's betting against Mercedes for a 2014 Championship?

Will Mercedes win at least 1 Championship in 2014?

Poll ended at 26 Feb 14, 15:32

Most likely yes
Most likely no
Definitely not
Great...another Merc topic, stfu already H278
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Re: Who's betting against Mercedes for a 2014 Championship?

Postby CookinFlat6 »

I rested my case before this thread was postable without derision :violinist::grandad::readit::toothy9:

Just shows you how far we have evolved as a forum of forward thinking based discussion, just going back to the start of this thread and we see what we dont anymore - members complaining about other members speculating on facts, snippets and rumours and reading between the lines
The culture of 'whats the point thinking of whats yet to happen, its silly discussing what might happen, and the old , lets wait till we actually see it before considering or discussing it' - luckily this culture has been swept away and we are all richer for it (well i will be if lewis stops messing about and delivers on my investment)
We were constantly told to accept what was in the media and not read between the lines - there is nothing wrong with F1, there is no rascism or sexism or corruption, how dare you be negative and point out the holes in what we are told'

The best one of all - Red Bull must win because they won for the last 4 years and its STUPID to suggest otherwise :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Congrats to the Merc crew on here who took on the derision, the tyre munching jokes, the reminders that Merc go backwards through the season and would never change, and we didnt even need a private lounge to go and hide in

I havent read through this thread but I know that if i did I would have to make a special mention for the openmindedness and vision of RC,WB, Hamms, LRW, NINChin, Ang, Cheeky, F1boy and ofcourse yours truly :thumbup:
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Re: Who's betting against Mercedes for a 2014 Championship?

Postby What's Burning? »

I actually bumped across this thread while looking for pre season driver pairing comparisons. Wanted to see some then opinions versus now results. In the beginning of the year I honestly expected Ricciardo and Vettel to be much closer, I didn't expect it to be upside down.
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Re: Who's betting against Mercedes for a 2014 Championship?

Postby ang4f1 »

I did FO SHO!:thumbup: think they would win.... :D
And here's hoping all Cooki's predictions come true... :drink:
And that he's collecting big wads from BETFRED et al ... :yes:8-):clap:
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Re: Who's betting against Mercedes for a 2014 Championship?

Postby racechick »

Hey! Good on you Ang. Brave girl. I hedged my bets and said ' most likely yes ' :blush:
I imagine Cookie has wads and wads in the pipeline since he laid his bets before the season started. Fortune favours the brave!!
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Re: Who's betting against Mercedes for a 2014 Championship?

Postby Jabberwocky »

I till stand by my initial post

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Re: Who's betting against Mercedes for a 2014 Championship?

Postby Hammer278 »

I like how most of us who posted here were smart enough to predict boldly, but still have some reservations....of course there're 1 or 2 who've mea culpaed magnificently as usual with not 2, but 3 reasons! :hehe:
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