BBC 'Racing Legends' Series

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BBC 'Racing Legends' Series

Postby scotty »

A couple of programs that were on the tv recently, no doubt some of us Brits saw most/all of em. But for anyone else interested, they're on youtube... worth a watch, 7/10. A couple of annoying moments for me but the overall show is good.

Ep.1 Sir Stirling Moss


Ep.2 Sir Jackie Stewart


Ep.3 Colin McRae

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Re: BBC 'Racing Legends' Series

Postby LewEngBridewell »

Didn't actually manage to catch these... thanks for posting! :)
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Re: BBC 'Racing Legends' Series

Postby What's Burning? »

absolutely, thanks. :thumbup: Just sat here and watched Jackie's. I'll watch the other in the next day since I'm off this week.
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