Blown diffusers

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Blown diffusers

Postby racechick »

Now fordidden. And rules designed to ensure they stay off the agenda. BUT ......the designers cant let go of an idea that would bring so much gain.
McLaren's initial idea looked most sophisticated
" That downward channel will pull the airflow down in such awayit will bring exhaust flow with it, even when the pipe is pointing slightly upwards (as the rules insist). That gets it dowmn to the right sort of height and the fact that its not pointed inboard like the initial Red Bull one over the suspension arms and beam wing, may mean it still has energy enough to reach and seal that diffuser".

Red Bull took note and duly flew out a new car with a different exhaust.. "no longer pointing inboard and surrounded by bodywork featuing a bridge-guiding the exhaust flow back and around the diffusers edge-and a tunnel is formed with the starter hole, taking the non-exhaust flow from the bottom of the sidepods over the middle of the diffuser"

Red Bull's nw seems to look more the business than Mclaren's but hasnt had a proper run because of cotesting conditions. So we have to wait to find out. :munchies:

Thought you might be interested but please dont ask me technical questions about it because I wont know the answer :D
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