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Data Analysis Crew Request

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My name is Martin Weare. I compete in the Formula 1 series of iRacing which is by far the most realistic and competitive form of online racing today. I’m above average in speed and competitiveness and want to desperately improve my ranking. iRacing and McLaren have just today released ATLAS Express Data Analysis software for iRacing with all the telemetry of the real formula 1 racing cars.
I know this is a long shot but to put it bluntly it’s extremely complicated and daunting. Far too complicated for someone like myself to learn well and utilise whilst practicing for up and coming races. So it occurred to me that maybe some Formula 1 enthusiasts with technical knowledge might want to team up with me and become the data analysis experts to help me configure my W31 to its optimum for the tracks that we race each week. All tracks are exact replicas of real race tracks today. They are all laser scanned and the repertoire of circuits is always growing. Next week we Race Spa and is the track I will be testing over the next week.

The ATLAS software for data analysis is free and the Data output files can be emailed or placed on an ftp for the tech team to analyse.
The resources I have are more than adequate to make this work.
I have a Co-Location server in the US where I have a rundown web site that hasn’t been used since I moved over from rFactor. There we can communicate and share information. It also has a TeamSpeak3 server so live feedback from me in the car can be passed back and forth.
Although not necessary, one could purchase an iRacing membership and spectate the practice sessions and races.
If anyone is interested, please contact me by email at <-- EMAIL ADDRESS REMOVED --> PM this user if you are interested! - myownalias

Thanks for reading