Orange McLarens

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Orange McLarens

Postby Forza »

Not sure on this one...kinda the same orange as this forum! I think I preferred the silver

Kinda like the story about the history of the silver arrows for Mercedes so it's a bit sad to see them go away from this colour.


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Postby Selcouth_Feline »

Agreed - I prefer the silver too, however IIRC, McLaren started racing in orange.
Also, I don't think this is confirmed as the colours they will actually be racing in. I think this might just be the testing colours, although I'd be surprised if the colours they do race in aren't far away.

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Postby bud »

Just a testing livery!! Mclarens already had this orange livery back in 97 just for a publicity act
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Postby F1Poser »

Does any1 know if the livery will change for 2006? Actually, Vodafone have been put in the frame...guess they could be red :shock:
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Postby simac »

Yeah shrub is right, in 97 they went from the orangy/white to the new Merc colours. They tested the MP4/12 in orange to keep the new livery under wraps. Look like they are doing some thing similar this year.

A red McLaren LMAO now that would be one for the history books !!!
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Postby Forza »

The days of Hakkinen, gah!

Forza Ferrari
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Postby eclipse »

yea man, it's just a testing livery, they're really gonna be pink with red spots.
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