Race tipping at GaleforceF1

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Race tipping at GaleforceF1

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Hey guys and gals,
In case you'd like to participate in some VERY informal tipping that a bunch of us are running on GaleforceF1.com (just go to the Barge Board 2 and you'll find us), you're welcome to. Entry list closes on the 16th.

We (among them bud and eclipse - r u there?) tip Q and R with the following rules:

3 ponts for the right position.

1 point for a top 8.

one joker (double points), to be announced prior to the race.

If you forget your tips for a Q or R, your default tips will be used if entered prior to the first race March 18th. These default tips can be changed after race 8 (France - July 1st) and before race 9 ( Great Britain - July 8th).

See ya there on race weekends

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