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#446051 Agreement on a new 'gimmick' - Qualification Races get unanimous support by teams for selected races in 2020 to have qualification races. ... ams-brawn/

Also being discussed are reverse grids.

I can see qually races being interesting and perhaps worthwhile to try but I think I will stop watching F1 if they go with reverse grids.
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Bydarwin dali
#446052 From my read and listening to pundits, the reverse grid pertains only to the starting order of the sprint race on Saturday - reverse grid being reverse championship order. They have to somehow determine the starting order for the sprint race and reverse championship order sounds fun to me. That sprint race then determines the starting order of the main race on Sunday, so this puts some extra value on overtaking skills of a driver.

I think that's fine, especially when considering Brawn's reasoning for the experimenting next year. Obviously this can't happen too early in the season because it relies on a championship order. And obviously it can't/shouldn't happen on tracks like Monaco where even the best overtakers in the field would have a horrendous time to try to get past backmarkers at the pointy end of the reverse grid.
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#446054 Personally and in my opinion, a Saturday reverse order points race is a bad idea. Perhaps try the concept full season 2020 in F2 and see how it shakes out before bringing it, even partially, to the big show?

The present form of qualifying is satisfactory to me. It offers competition without the risk of race damage or injury not recoverable in time for a Sunday event.

[Partial] points for a Saturday sprint race is bad idea, part two. It will only serve to confuse what is now a straight forward, easy to understand points system. It is hard enough to build and maintain a fan base with a one-day race. Now possibly a two-dayer? Cannot see that being a winner for F1. Keep the fastest lap single point, though. I was not in favor of that at the start of the season, but now see it adds interest to an event.

No mention of how the proposed Saturday sprint race will effect free practice. I can imagine the drivers may want an to move back FP1 and FP2 to Thursday? With FP3 on Friday, or perhaps preceding the Saturday sprint? Or some combination of the three FP's. Or change FP's too? Some considerations there as well. A three- day event is already tough enough to do on back-to-back events. Adding, perhaps, a fourth day will make it even tougher on teams.

Getting bad vibes from this. F1 needs to get it right. Cheers and Regards.
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Bydarwin dali
#446055 I think the FP's would stay the same and the reverse grid sprint race would take up the place of quali in the weekend's schedule.
Brawn wants 3-4 weekends next season to test run it.
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