Mobile app: Connect with other F1 fans during events

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Mobile app: Connect with other F1 fans during events

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Hi all!

Do you like to watch F1 or any other motorsport events?

I am developing a mobile sports application for all sport enthusiasts. The idea is to offer people possibility to connect during live sport events with like-minded people.

The basic structure is a public chat room where everybody can join the discussion. The app resembles Twitter, but it is more customized for every event. You can use event specific emojis of your favorite athlete and participate in event customized quizzes and polls to gather points. Later on these points can be used for in-app purchases.

The app will be totally free and we are currently starting beta testing.

We should have the Android version ready for Austrian GP and hopefully the iOS version too.

If you are interested send me pm or post in the thread and I can inform you once we have published. :)