F1 Online Management Game

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F1 Online Management Game

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Hi all

I'm the admin of a free Formula 1 Management Game: http://www.f1project.org

F1Project is a browser game, so to play it you need only an internet connection and a browser (like Firefox, Safari, Explorer, Opera ecc).

The game enables the complete management of drivers of your team , of engeneers, staff, storehouse, labs, merchandising and a lot of other thinks. In our game you can also view live the Qualifications and the Grand Prix through a complex system of written commentary and summary of times of lap. A breathtaking race with constant overtakes and unexpected events to follow live to examine the adversaries' behaviour or by recording through a graphic display where it will be possible to admire your cars speeding to reach optimal placements..

There are also strategy, simulations, and market of drivers and components.. and much more you can see only by playing it
A more detailed description is here: http://www.f1project.org/ilgioco.php

We have just opened for championship of other countries, so we are now filling the Formula 1 (that has only 1 championship) , Formula 2 (with 4 championships), Formula 3 (16 championship) etc..

if you are interested in races you should give F1Project a glance ;)

I'm here if you want some suggestions or clarifications. In the Game my username is Ap-matt

Kind regards,

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Re: F1 Online Management Game

Post by Stephen »

And this one is well worth a look! :mrgreen: