Your worst ever F1 moments.

Celebrate over sixty years of F1 - your memories, experiences and opinions.
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Re: Your worst ever F1 moments.

Postby sagi58 »

Hi, Buster!!

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Re: Your worst ever F1 moments.

Postby stonemonkey »

My favourite F1 cars, just before they sprouted wings. Safety seems just an afterthought with the occasional hay bale and pedestrian on the barrierless pavement (sidewalk) of Monaco. A graphic and sad ending.

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Re: Your worst ever F1 moments.

Postby CevertF1 »

My worst ever moments.

1970, Sept 5th when 'my' driver Jochen Rindt was killed at Monza. To a 8 year old new fan to the sport it was a hard blow especially since the main reason I was a fan of the sport was because I'd watched highlights of the Monaco race where Jochen won on the last lap.

1973, October 6th. My hero Francois Cevert was killed in one of the most horrific and brutal crashes in the history of the sport. He was an outstanding talent and I will always believe he could have been WDC in 1974 as in 73 he was so very close to JYS and could have won several races but stayed behind because of loyalty to JYS. He was killed driving car number 06, using chassis number 006, engine number 66 and on the 6th of October. he said "with all these sixes, its going to be my lucky day" :crying:

I could go on but I won't bore you all.
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Re: Your worst ever F1 moments.

Postby Martin77 »

Easily Ayrton Senna. I will never forget how I learned that he had died. I watched the first few laps of the race and then went upstairs to do some work on my PC. When I returned about an hour later my wife said - and I will remember this conversation forever - “A drivers been killed” I replied “I know, it was Roland Ratzenburger in qualifying yesterday” to which she replied (and I’m actually getting a lump in my throat writing this) “ No, it’s some Bloke called Ayrton Senna”......
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