F1- the most advanced technological formula

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F1- the most advanced technological formula

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"ensuring that Formula One remains at the pinnacle of motorsport as the most technologically advanced formula in the sport"
quoted from FOTA [Formula one teams' association] as one of their aims. However the problem with this is, the formula could be far more advanced if it wasn't for all the tight regulations. I mean massive leaps in technology arose in the 1980s and 90s but these got banned (E.g the Brabham fan car, the lotus skirting and computer aid technology) but I think it would be good if the FIA went and revised some of those bans. Imagine what sort of interesting technology could develop on from all that innovative technology if it were allowed in F1 today.

The only problem is smaller teams may not be able to afford such things and thats a major dilemma the FIA face. If some sort of compromise could be made so the smaller teams get extra support for more expensive things then I'm sure F1 would be even more interesting than it is today, as new ideas would be more common [instead of building on what there is already] and those ideas could translate across all sorts of fields if they turn out to be successful. In my opinion F1 hasn't really changed much for quite a while because of all the bans so the only advancements that are available are not very noticeable visually [KERS, DRS and a few aerodynamic tweaks here and there]. Also another cool [but unlikely] idea would be to include tracks that have upside-down sections (like circular tunnels) for long straights since an F1 car generates enough downforce to overcome its own weight. Sci-fi that might actually turn out to be non sci-fi :wink:

One last thing is this idea of mine that eventually F1 cars could incorporate electric engines that never need to recharge due to a constantly turning generator that makes more power than it uses. It may not sound like the most appetizing idea because of the lack of high revving engines but it could always play the sound and pretend to be one! :hehe: