Silverstone 2012 - where can I watch the race from?

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Silverstone 2012 - where can I watch the race from?

Post by Stooby »

Hi everyone,

I'm off to my second F1 race at Silverstone. Last time I had a race day ticket for Beckets and general admision for the Saturday.

This time I have a Platinum 3 day pass to Village B.

Where will I be able to see the race from on the Friday and Saturday? My tickets say I have access to a roving selection of grandstands. It doesn't say what the selection are or what they exclude.

On a few slightly different matters as a relative newby to attending the races:

- On the Friday do I just drive to the track? I have park and ride for the Saturday and Sunday. Is there a parking charge?

- I never made it to the entertainment areas last time, to much in awe of the cars and the red arrows which I swear I could have reached out and touched from outside the Beckets grandstand. Are these worth a visit and if so are they open on the Friday?

- Is the fanvision set worth it? £55 on top of admision.

Thanks everyone, sorry for so many questions but I was hoping to do better than me "just show up and see what happens" approach from my first race.
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Re: Silverstone 2012 - where can I watch the race from?

Post by racechick »

I was at becketts last year!!

You can get in pretty much any grandstand with the roving ticket, except the hospitaltity ones. But dont leave it too late on quali day. We did that one year and were running from granstand to grandstand to find one with space.

Becketts in my mind is one of the best viewing places. This year we're at Village so we can still lok across to the Becketts complex.

Like you I dont have much time to visit the entertainment zones during the day, cant be arsed to queue for anything and there so much on track stuff to see. The after race party is a must!!

I always camp so not sure what driving in is like. I cant imagine there'd be a problem on the Friday.
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