Monza 2006 - did anyone record it?

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Monza 2006 - did anyone record it?

Postby Mighty_Funster »

Hello all, this my first post so please excuse any newbie errors... :wink:
Just wondering if anyone else out there is as obsessive as me and records every race? More pertinently, I'm wondering if anyone else out there is less idiotic/clumsy than an managed *not* to delete the damned thing almost straight away...?! :oops:

Am happy to negotiate on a price/compensation or offer other races (on DVD or VHS) as payment. I have more or less complete 2004-to-now (nix Monza - duh! - & Imola 2004) plus some earlier bits available as swaps. I don't really want to start a cottage industry churning out copies but if someone wants a specific race I'll try my best to accomodate them.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.
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Postby certom »

hi mighty and welcome!
just two things:
1-i haven't that GP
2- here, everybody is obsessive and fool of F1!!