RBR finally proven to use illegally flexing wings

What has changed with Stewards vs RBR?

Peter Ps arrival at Mclaren and Ron has 'let the cat out the bag' maybe while looking for approval for their own wing
Peter Ps arrival at Mclaren and Ron has tactically 'let the cat out the bag'
The Stewards suddenly wised up on their own
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Horner crossed the line with his freeze moaning and is getting some payback
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Someone wants Alonso to beat Vettel in the WDC
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Everyone hates RBR and they being picked on
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Newey who is leaving, suddenly got a guilty conscience and fessed up to the stewards
No votes
Someone else at RBR has fessed up to the stewards
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Re: RBR finally proven to use illegally flexing wings

Postby Jabberwocky »

stonemonkey wrote:
LRW wrote:Horner just said on Sky there is no spring.

So that's that cleared up then.


On the BBC, didnt he say something like 'it's not a leaf spring, it's a metal strip with a degree of flexibility'?

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Re: RBR finally proven to use illegally flexing wings

Postby LH44 »

RBR are perennial cheats and that much is proven. The whole hierarchy are arrogant with a sense of entitlement. Let's not forget they started off the season with that fuel flow meter nonsense and the issue magically disappeared after FIA made it clear they were not going to stand for any nonsense. Horner has no shame. No man in their right minds would parade this old washed up spice baby like the cat who got the cream. Not when your previous missus has a young baby.
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Re: RBR finally proven to use illegally flexing wings

Postby CookinFlat6 »

Looks like the majority and winning poll choice is that Ron fkd up Horner good and proper

and Pitflaps seem to think its even funnier than I did

CookinFlat6 wrote:Going back to the poll question though, now that we know that it was a simple trick deviously hidden inside carbon fibre, then it can be no coincidence that mcLaren turn up with the same wing, then dont run it in quali and lo and behold the stewards know exactly where to look

This is the Ronster at work, you have to marvel at his tactical genius really. Maybe McLaren presented their wing to The head steward and innocently said 'is this hidden sprung leaf design ok?' and then sat back to count their total gain apart from 2 grid places and the weakening of their likely closest rival next year behind Merc.

lets face it Horner is like a baby when it comes to skulldugery compared to a hardened veteran like Ron

Pitflaps wrote:Red Bull gives you Springs!!!
Dennis determined to out-arsehole Horner

Ron Dennis is absolutely committed to being Formula 1’s top ballbag no matter what anyone else does – apart from Bernie Ecclestone.
The 67 year old head of Mclaren announced he was going to keep his 2 current drivers dangling just long enough to totally f*** their immediate and probably future careers not because he hadn’t made his mind up yet but because he was the baddest mummies boy in the paddock and nobody was going to take that from him – apart from Bernie Ecclestone.
“I’m bad; I’m bad; I’m a BAD muthafucka!” the multi-millionaire CEO told reporters.

I is going to well f*** you up
“And there is nobody – I mean nobody who gonna take that away – no sir!”
“Aside from Mr Ecclestone: who I have always respected as one of life’s top assholes,” he said.
The planned 1st of December announcement is sufficiently close to Christmas to still exist as a raw wound of unflinching misery as the presents are unwrapped in a bulging household of friends, family, mince pies and Slade and just too late to explore any other career options whatsoever.
“He gotta do more than dump his wife and new born daughter and shack up with some no good bar singing floozy to out-muthafucka me: I’m telling ya,” the otherwise clean-living pensioner explained regarding the Red Bull Racing head.
“Ahm gonna ruin *2* lives and then maybe find a 3rd asshole to skullfuck just to prove I am the bitchest bitch that ever existed in the kingdom of the bitch.”
“Apart from Bernie – God bless that son of a bitch,” he added.
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Re: RBR finally proven to use illegally flexing wings

Postby racechick »

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