Wurz Celebrates 10 Years

At this weekend’s Canadian Grand Prix, Alex Wurz will celebrate his ten year anniversary in Formula 1. After spending a few years as test driver for McLaren and Williams, Wurz returned to the Formula 1 grid this season, scoring his first points at Monaco.

“It was ten years ago,” Wurz said. “It seems like yesterday, but things have changed since then – some years as test driver, now I’m back racing and in the end, as Giancarlo said, when you like the sport, for me, it doesn’t really matter how long you are in it. I am not thinking about age of how many years I am in it. As long as you feel the fire and you are motivated, then it is good to be here.

“It has been difficult not to race because it just doesn’t feel right when you want to be out there racing, and when you think you should be. And so, of course, coming back now is good.

“The competition is very tough at the moment. That just makes it an extra challenge for me and for us, for everyone here. But that’s what is good. You are not in Formula 1 to expect an easy life.”

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