Williams warns McLaren to expect a fight for Rosberg

Veteran team owner Sir Frank Williams has told McLaren that he will not let Nico Rosberg go without a fight. The widely-respected Williams is
determined to hold onto his prize asset, or at the very least make McLaren beg for the German.

It is no secret that Rosberg wants away from Williams, where he feels he has proved as much as he can. McLaren is thought to be his preferred destination, and with pressure
mounting on current incumbent Heikki Kovalainen it could also be the most likely. But Renault are also a possibility, as are Ferrari.

“He is very much on our list,” Williams avowed. “I would have thought he must be on the McLaren list if they do drop Kovalainen, and I think (Mercedes motorsport president) Norbert Haug would love a German driver. We will see,” the Williams boss told Autosport. With the last sentence he is referring to the stalemate in the driver market that will persist until teh Alonso-Ferrari
marriage is announced.

But the great man went on to sing the praises of his number one driver.

“Nico is, on any three or five lap, he is the most exciting driver on the track. He digs himself out of some holes that we put him in some times – comes by three places up at the end of the first lap.

“He is single-minded, chirpy, a little arrogant which is good – he is always very good with the promo people, never an objection, he is very good.”

Kovalainen could yet retain his seat, leaving Rosberg to stay at Williams or go to Renault.

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