Will Williams sell Rosberg?

Nico Rosberg has refuted rumours that his boss, Frank Williams, is looking to sell the youngster at the end of the season as the team may be able to make substantial amounts of money from the sale.

It is no secret that Williams is a fan or Rosberg, comparing his talents to those of rookie superstar Lewis Hamilton. German magazine Bild speculated that this high praise could be a ploy to raise the profile of Rosberg, and therefore his market value.

“No,” Rosberg said. “He means that he says. I know absolutely for sure that Frank wants to keep me in the team also next year.”

Rosberg has overshadowed his more experienced counterpart, Alex Wurz this season. When asked it Williams would hang onto him no matter what the price, Rosberg replied, “That is a very big statement.” If Rosberg were to be sold by Williams, it would be comparable to when Raikkonen was sold from privateer team Sauber to McLaren for millions of dollars in 2001.

When asked if Williams could say no if a high bid came in from a team such as Toyota or Renault, Rosberg said, “He would have to if I did not want to go. He cannot force me to go somewhere. In the end, it is still my decision. And we can t forget that Mr. Rosberg is my manager!”

Rosberg then explained that he would love to drive for a top team, just like rookie driver Lewis Hamilton. “I drove with him in karts and we were on the same level,” Rosberg began, “and we both won the GP2 championship. It would be great to drive at the front and have to ability to win races but for the moment that is not my position, so I must accept that and do everything I can to get myself in a similar position as Lewis.”

Whatever the future, Rosberg currently stands loyally by his team, refusing to overly criticize the car. “All I will say is that the reliability is a problem,” he explained, “but it is not my job to criticise. My job is to drive as quickly as possible.”

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